Student Teachers in the Music Room

16 May, 2019

Looking for strategies for student teachers in the music room? In this podcast episode, I include my top ten tips for working with student teachers, so they have a successful teaching journey with you!

Student Teachers in the Music Room: Ten tips for making sure your student teacher is successful!

You can listen to the podcast episode in iTunes, or you can listen here:

As discussed in the podcast episode, my top ten tips for student teachers in the music room include:
  • Plan out everything in advance
  • Decide which grade level or how much of a lesson they’ll be teaching first
  • Reach out and try to meet your student teacher beforehand
  • Share a Dropbox/Google Drive folder with various goodies
  • Ask higher level thinking questions to make sure they’re teaching thoughtfully
  • Be okay giving up some control 
  • Give homework (beyond lesson plans)
  • Don’t be afraid to be too honest or critical
  • Give your student teacher a gift at the end of your time together
  • Maintain the relationship with your student teacher afterwards
Links mentioned in this episode:

Have any tips for student teachers? Feel free to comment below, and happy teaching!

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