06 July, 2017
Flexible Seating in the Music Classroom {Part Three}

Flexible Seating in the Music Classroom {Part Three}

This past year, I implemented flexible seating in my music classroom. Earlier this year, I wrote about which seats I bought, and a few months after that, I wrote this post about how I introduced flexible seating. In today's post, I'm writing about what worked and what I'm changing for next year.

Reflecting on flexible seating in the music room: What worked, what didn't, and why my students and I love it!

What worked?
Overall, the kids LOVED the seats in my room! They were always super excited to get the seats, whether they were working on worksheets, working in small groups, or at centers. I also had some students get special seats if they'd been star student the previous lesson...that reward was a BIG hit!

When working at centers, I sometimes had only one center with seats, and that center had all the same seats. For example, the worksheet station would have only wobble seats. That was a great way to make an otherwise not-as-exciting center WAY more exciting!

Which seats did students like the most?
By far, the two most popular seats were the exercise balls and the wobble stools.

After that, I'd say the wobble cushions/ balance seats were pretty popular.

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