25 May, 2017
Third Grade Program: You Belong Here

Third Grade Program: You Belong Here

Need ideas for a third grade program? In today's blog post, I'm writing about my program, "You Belong Here."

Blog post with lots of ideas for directing a musical program for third grade, with accessible folk songs and dances!

I created the program based on the beautifully illustrated book  by M.H. Clark and Isabelle Arsenault. about how we are all unique, and how we are all loved! 

Here is a summary of songs and dances I used for the program (and make sure to keep reading to find out about a fun 5-day musical program challenge I'm hosting in a few weeks!)

I did this program with third grade, but it could also work for second grade. I split the text up between 28 narrators. For the first part of the program, I had two narrators come up and read the text in the book from "The stars belong" to "here with you."

After those two narrators, I had students sing "Who has seen the wind," which is based off of the text by Christina Rossetti. The notation can be found in this blog post.

I taught the song to all of the third graders, but had one class arrange the song, figuring out what should go where. In this case, the third graders decided to play the gong, then the wind chimes, then sing the song, then add an alternating bourdon on instruments, then have soloists play in la pentatonic, then sing again with instruments, and then end with wind chimes and the gong. Of course, your students' arrangement might look quite different!

02 May, 2017
End of the Year Music Teacher Checklist

End of the Year Music Teacher Checklist

It is May...which means it's already time to start thinking about the end of the year! In my district, our last day is May 25, so we have just a few weeks left. There is SO much to do at the end of the year, so in today's post, I'll lay out all of the different things I think about and check off my list for the end of the year. Make sure to keep reading until the end, since I will have a free Google Sheets checklist that you can make a copy of and edit as needed!

At my school, we receive an EOY checklist from our principal around this time of year, but as a music teacher, there are several other "must do" items that aren't on the typical classroom checklist. Here are all of the things I think about and do as I wrap up the year in my music classroom:

End of the Year Music Teacher Checklist: Includes tips about organizing, ordering instruments, and more! Includes link to free Google Doc!

Organization and cleaning

I have lots of storage in my room, from bookshelves, to drawers, to an entire storage closet! So I ask myself these questions:
  • Have I organized and cleaned my bookshelves, dusting, putting things back where they are supposed to go, etc.? Here is a great blog post by Tracy King about organizing your music room.
  • Have I organized drawers? My desk drawer is a total mess by this time of the year! I try to clean that as well as my mallet drawer, my props drawer, my CD drawer, etc.
  • Have I cleaned countertops? I love Lysol Disinfectant Wipes for this task!
  • Have I organized my file cabinets? I have tons of choir music that is just sitting in my file cabinet, waiting for me to file!
  • Have I cleaned my storage closet? My closet is in BAD need of some cleaning and reorganization, and I would much rather do it now than come back to a messy closet in August!
  • Have I pulled any books or resources that I'd like to take home with me for planning over the summer? (Read this blog post about my planning process during the summer.)

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