Five Favorite Pins of December

10 December, 2015
Hi everyone! Since it's December, here is my five favorite pins linky party!

Here are my five favorite pins this month:

#1: Stretchy Band activities

I just bought a stretchy band from Bear Paw Creek, and am SO excited to use it, so was thrilled to find this pin with some great activities! So far, I've only used it to help students remain in a circle for a circle dance (which did totally help!) so I'm looking forward to using the band in other ways.

#2: Christmas version of "Bow Wow Wow"

Such a cute way to weave Christmas music into your lessons, using "Bow Wow Wow" as a melody! You can see another version of this on Amy Abbott's Facebook page.

#3: All through the night

Cool arrangement of "All through the night"! Love seeing kids in action, performing on Orff instruments and recorders!

#4: Sleigh Ride Cup Game

I am SO excited to use this cup game this week and next to help practice form while listening to a GREAT piece of music! 

#5: Composer ThingLink

This is so amazingly awesome....each picture has links to pieces by each composer! What a fun and interactive way to practice listening and learn more about music history!
To see more pins like this, follow me on Pinterest. Make sure to check out the other bloggers who have linked up with their five favorite pins!

Have a wonderful December, and an amazing holiday season!


  1. I love, love, love the sleigh ride video! I checked out her YouTube channel and found a video of her kids performing this song. A row of students did the cup actions in the front and then a choir sang the song in the back. Thought I'd share! You can find the video here:

    1. Oh my goodness, how fun!! Thanks for sharing, David!


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