Five Favorite Pins of October

14 October, 2014
Hi everyone! It's been quite a while since I did a "five favorite pins" post, so here goes!

Here is my list for this month; just click each picture to view that pin.

#1: Free Ipad Apps for Classroom Management

This blog post has several different iPads apps that are not only great for classroom management, but are FREE!

#2: 21 Books about Farm Animals

I love using children's books about animals for vocal exploration, so I'm excited to check these books out!

#3: Make-believe in the music room

Lori from Sweet Sounds offers lots of great strategies to make Kindergarten music lessons magical!

#4: Taiko drummer YouTube video
I love to do taiko drumming pieces with my students on bucket drums, so this would be an awesome video to help them see how exciting taiko drumming can be! It's a bit long so you could just show them part of the video if you didn't have enough time.

#5: Rhythm video
5 Favorite Music Education pins of October: Rhythm video, Taiko drumming, and more!

After students learn whole note (and know quarter note, half note, and eighth notes), you could show this clever video to help reinforce those rhythms.

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What are your five favorite pins of the month? Feel free to comment below, and make sure to check out the pins of the pinners below!


  1. Just wanted to thank you for hosting this linky party. It's my first time participating - it was fun! :-)

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