Here is a list of workshops and conference sessions I will present 
during the 2017-2018 school year: 

September 23, 2017, Simpson College in Iowa: "Picture Books and Performances, Technology and Tools for Advocacy"
October 27-29, 2017, MKMEA Conference in Kansas City, Missouri: "Variety in Assessment"
November 11, 2017, KEEP in Pennsylvania: "Assessment and Technology in the Kodaly-inspired Classroom"
January 18-20, 2018, Oklahoma Music Education Conference: Presenting four sessions, TBD
March 22-25, 2018, OAKE in Oklahoma City: "Data-Tracking in the Kodaly-inspired Classroom"

Here is a list of my 2016-2017 workshops:

October 1, 2016, OKE in Oklahoma: "Nurturing Musical Growth through Assessment"
February 11, 2017, CIKE in Illinois: "Technology and Assessment"
March 2017, NKE in Seattle, WA: "Technology and Assessment"
March 2017, OAKE in Philadelphia: "Variety in Assessment"

Here is a list of my 2015-2016 workshops:

September 2015, MIKE in Mt. Pleasant, MI: "Nurturing Musical Growth through Assessment"
October 2015, MKMEA Conference in Wichita, KS: "Data-Tracking in the Kodaly-Inspired Classroom"
January 2016, TRIKE Share Shop in Columbus, OH: "Science of Sound" (co-presented with Matthew Parker)
February 2016, KOZ in Springfield, MO: "Picture Books and Performances in the Kodaly-Inspired Classroom"
March 2016, AKTS in Tucson, AZ: "Technology and Performances in the Kodaly-Inspired Classroom"

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