Podcast 10: Curriculum Accountability

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In this episode, Katie and I talk about curriculum accountability in your music room. Here are some specific links and notes:
  • Choose a starting point: NCCAS, state music standards, etc.
  • What it means to be accountable: to yourself, to your administrator, to your colleague(s)
  • Why be accountable: honesty in teaching, filling in gaps, fostering high expectations for students
  • Keeping track: Year plans, planning for interruptions, grading checklist
  • No Guilt!
  • Know yourself: What works best for you? Paper/ pencil, using technology, etc.
How to write a year plan:

Strands/ Clusters we use:
  • Reading/Writing
  • Performing
  • Creating
  • Classifying
  • Responding
What we are consuming:

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