10 April, 2017
Reflecting on your year

Reflecting on your year

I know it seems crazy to think of the school year in past tense, but with only seven weeks remaining in the school year, I'm already thinking about what worked well this year, and what I'd like to improve for next year. Reflection is, to me, such a huge part of my development as a teacher, so I like to reflect at the end of each school year (before summer, when everything seems so distant!) Here are some thoughts about my year.

Reflecting on your year in the music room: Thoughts about classroom decor, music technology, and more!

What I loved:
I was able to streamline my data tracking and intervention processes even more this year, and was very happy with the results! I was able to use my data tracking binder to track how well students understand rhythmic and melodic concepts, and was able to provide intervention to more students. My first graders had a statistically significant increase in meeting their growth target for rhythmic dictation, and I think it's partly because of this process! For more information about data tracking and downloading the binder for free, see this blog post.

What I could do better:
I talked in this podcast about how I realized recently that a.) I don't do listening lessons as often as I should, and b.) it's partly because I'm not always using music that I LOVE. I have started tweaking and creating lessons for this year, but this is on my list of things to really delve into next year!

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