18 September, 2016
10 Picture Books to Sing

10 Picture Books to Sing

Today, I'm blogging about my 10 favorite books to sing. There are so many out there, but these are the ones I've used year after year, both in my music classroom and as a parent!

These books are a great way to end a lesson, or to provide a calm environment after an exciting activity. Singing these books can also be a great way to teach students a new song, to improve students' listening skills, and for parents and children, can be a great bedtime routine! It can also be a great way to build their literacy and language skills, as you could ask them what happened in the story, what they think will happen, who the characters were, etc.

Please note that there are affiliate links within this post; I included links to most of the books on Amazon. Here goes!

10 picture books to sing: Great list for music teachers and for parents!

#1: "Hush Little Baby" by Marla Frazee

I've had this one in my library for years; it's one of my favorites to introduce lullabies to students. The illustrations are beautiful, and the words are nice and big at the bottom of each page, so students can read or sing along.

When I first read it to students, we first discuss what good listening behavior looks like. This is a good way to introduce audience etiquette! Then, I simply sing the song. 

11 September, 2016
Ideas for Upper Elementary Music

Ideas for Upper Elementary Music

'Today, I'm blogging with a round-up of blog posts all about upper elementary music!

Ideas for the upper elementary classroom: Includes links to great blog posts with videos, songs, games, and more!

Song and Dance: Three great activities for your older students

Looking for folk dances and songs for your upper elementary students? This blog post includes tried-and-true songs and dances from my own classroom! These are some of my favorites...I hope you enjoy them too!

Picture books for upper elementary

This blog post is from my collaborative blog, the Kodaly Corner, and includes several picture books I love for upper elementary students!

04 September, 2016
Flexible Seating in the Music Classroom {Part One}

Flexible Seating in the Music Classroom {Part One}

After reading many posts about flexible seating in the grade-level classroom, I decided to give it a try this year! This post is the first in a series of posts about flexible seating in my music classroom; today, I'll write about what flexible seating is, why I'm using it, and what I'm using.

Flexible Seating in the Music Room: Great thoughts about why to use flexible seating in your classroom, and which seats to buy!

What is flexible seating?
Flexible seating is the idea that students don't all have to sit in chairs, at desks, or in the case of my classroom, on the floor. There are options for them to sit in a variety of seats, and for them to choose a seat that works best for them and their learning style. When I first read about it, I had a hard time wrapping my mind around what this would mean for my classroom. I still like to have students sitting on the floor for a lot of music class, because then it's easy for us to stand and play games! I decided to use the seating in centers, small group work, and for paper/ pencil work, which I'll write more about in another blog post!

Why use flexible seating?
For the past two years, I've had a really comfortable saucer chair in my room that is one of my "Star Student" rewards, and the kids LOVE it. I liked the idea of having more choices from which students can choose.

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