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Three Summer Goals

I hope everyone has had a good start to your summer (or, if you're still in school, I hope your school year is wrapping up nicely!) Today, I'm blogging about three goals I have this summer. If you are a blogger, see the directions at the end of this post for linking up to write about your three goals. Here goes:

#1: Focus on family
Just as I blogged about last summer, my goal for this summer is to really focus on my family, which includes my husband Scott, my 12-year-old daughter Jenna, and my almost 4 year-old daughter Macy. I'm hoping for campfires in our yard, time going for walks or playing Wii, trips to the park, and maybe a mini-vacation! As I've written about before, Macy has had some delays with her development; she has Sensory Processing Disorder, is speech delayed, and has motor planning issues. (I didn't talk until I was five, and after learning about SPD and motor planning, I think I actually have some of the same issues!) She has shown TONS of improvement in just the first few weeks of summer, so we are hopeful that all this time with her will really help! It will be nice to have time to just sit, relax, and enjoy the company of my family!

#2: Revise my whole store
I've been selling on TpT since 2012, and I've learned a LOT since then, so there are tons of products that I would like to go back and revise! So far, I've made it through four pages of my store. For some of the products, I've only changed the cover, but for most of them, I have changed more than that--perhaps adding printer-friendly worksheets, adding games, aligning lessons to the NCCAS standards, etc. I will blog later this summer once I've done more revisions, to highlight the biggest changes, but if you go to "my purchases," then "recently revised," you might find a few products that have been revised! You can then just re-download and enjoy the updates!

#3: Learn to play the ukulele
My husband bought me a ukulele a couple Christmases ago, and I still haven't figured out how to play it. So this summer, I'm determined I will! Even if I become comfortable with a few common chords so that I can accompany my singing or my students' singing, the time spent would be worth it! I found a book called 21 songs in 6 days, which includes video tutorials, and I've enjoyed it so far. You can purchase it by clicking below:

I also purchased the Rainbow Ukulele Teacher Pack by Shelley at Pitch Publications, and am going to use that to  practice as well!

I'd love to hear about your goals this summer! Feel free to comment below, and if you're a blogger, I'd love for you to link up! To add your link, write about your three goals, use the "Three Summer Goals" picture in your blog post with a link back to my post, and then submit your information by clicking the button below. Thanks, and Happy Summer!


  1. I think you'll find that ukulele is not hard to play. Good luck on your summer goals!

  2. You will love playing ukulele! Thanks for the shoutout for Rainbow Ukulele!! :)

  3. I've tried playing uke. *shaking head* Maybe strings aren't my thing! I dropped out of class guitar twice in college too. *giggle* Some day....

  4. I love my Ukulele! I play it every day with my kiddos- it's so much easier on my fingers
    (joint problems) than guitar is. I think you'll enjoy it, too!