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My Favorite Music Education Blogs

Of course, I love writing music education blog posts...but I also love to read them! When I first started my blog in 2010, there were very few other music education blogs out there, and now there are SO MANY. Which is great, honestly, because so many people are sharing their ideas about the music classroom so openly!

Favorite music education blogs: Great list for any music teacher to read to gather ideas for your classroom!

Here are my three go-to music education blogs, as well as a list of other great blogs, and a few ways to easily read blogs!
#1: Kodály Corner

This is a blog I created with several other music education bloggers, and I get so excited when other bloggers post so I can read their amazing ideas! Whether Christopher Roberts is blogging about using pop music in the Kodály-inspired classroom, or Jamie Parker is writing about using Socrative in the music classroom, or Tanya LeJeune is writing about teaching the 12-bar blues, there are wonderful takeaways in every blog post! I love how every blog post is so varied yet so useful, not only in the Kodály-inspired classroom, but any music classroom!

#2: O for Tuna Orff

Aimee at O For Tuna has a wonderful Orff-inspired blog. Whether she's talking about assessment with stretchy bands or sharing hand clapping chants and songs, her blog is FULL of great ideas! (She also has a really wonderful book full of hand clapping games for sale on her blog!)

#3: Make Moments Matter

David at Make Moments Matter has a wonderful blog with lots of great, practical ideas for the music classroom! He has lots of great posts about classroom organization, as well as some wonderful posts about manipulatives...and on top of that, I've met him in person, and he is SUCH a nice guy!

Here are some other great blogs you should check out:

...and like I said, there are SO many others!

Now onto a few ways to read these blogs!

Music Education Blogs: 

I created this website as a way to easily read music education blogs! There are pages for elementary, middle school, band, choir, etc., but the easiest way to read blog posts is simply to go to the home page, scroll down, then look at the feed, which shows the most recent post from each person who is part of the blog, like shown below:

Keep in mind that if you are on your phone, you'll have to go to "view web version" in order to see the feed (and if you are a blogger who would like your blog listed, see the directions on the front page.) Also, if you follow our Facebook page and turn on notifications, you can get a notification every time a blogger posts about a blog post!

I have my blog on Bloglovin', and have used the emails I receive to read posts here or there. But recently, I discovered the Bloglovin' app, which is really awesome! You can sign up to follow other people's blogs, but my favorite part is that when you click on a blog, if you go to "find similar blogs," you can find a bunch you didn't know existed! Then you can open up the app and read to your heart's delight!

Music Education Blog Carnival
I have hosted one of the carnivals on my blog; each month, it is hosted by another music education blogger. The idea is that the host collects music education blogs from the month and gives a summary of each in a blog post! For more information, see this page.

You can also use the Feedly app or website to read blogs, but there are some blogs you might not be able to follow with this app, so I find using a combination of the four to be a great way to catch them all!What is your favorite music education blog? How do you read blogs? Feel free to comment below, and happy reading!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my blog... What an incredible honor!!

  2. Thanks for mentioning the Music Education Blog Carnival! I'm so excited that it is taking off again!