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Hi everyone!
Just a quick blog post today to announce the winners of my first ever Instagram contest! It was really fun to look at all the pictures, and it was a hard choice, but the three winners who posted their pics to #mrsmiraclesmusicroom as well as another hashtag, such as #iteachmusic and #iamamusicteacher are...

How sweet is this picture? I love getting cards from students, so this warmed my heart. And the colors are so beautiful!

Ah, a new school year is approaching...our rooms are clean (or cleaner than normal, anyway!) and bulletin boards are being put up. There is something about an empty bulletin board that signifies the promise of an exciting new year!

Music teacher planner: Check out this blog post for a link to this helpful planner! Post also includes hashtags for music teachers to use on Instagram!
I have to say, I do love seeing other people use things I've made! The binders shown in this pic are of my chalkboard and chevron music teacher planner. I'm so impressed that she is all printed out and ready to go!

The three people whose pictures I chose will receive a $10 credit to my store. I will leave a comment on each person's picture so they know how to get the credit. Congrats, and thanks to everyone who entered! I hope you were also be able to download the freebies this week!

Make sure to follow the people who took each picture! And I'd love it if people kept using these hashtags, as it will make it so much fun to look at your pictures, your classrooms, etc. 

Hashtags for music teachers: Use these hashtags on Instagram to find pictures by other music teachers!

Any other hashtags you use? List them below! And feel free to follow me on instagram at @mrsmiraclesmusicroom...I will be sure to follow you back!
Have a great day!

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