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Worked for me Wednesday

This Wednesday I've decided to start a new linky party, called "Worked for me Wednesday." The idea is this: music teachers can blog about something that worked for them and link up! The idea should not be a TpT product, but can be a freebie or another resource, like a picture book or folk dancing book, or simply an idea that anyone can try in their own classroom!

Here is my idea for today, for the picture book "Max Found Two Sticks," by Brian Pinkney. Click the picture below to find it on Amazon.

I found this book at an OAKE conference one year, and one of my friends suggested using it with rhythm sticks (I wish I could remember who that friend was so I could give them credit for the initial idea!) When my Kindergarteners were preparing rhythm this year, I decided to pull it out and try it.

My students had just gotten done playing the rhythm (or "the way the words go") on rhythm sticks, to the song "Apple Tree." I had them place the rhythm sticks on the ground, and asked them how many sticks they had.

When they answered two, I explained that I had a book about two sticks, and showed them the cover of the book. Then I began reading the book, in which Max finds several things around his neighborhood to tap his sticks on, like boxes and buckets. After the words "pat...pat-tat," I had students first tap their thighs to the way the words go, or the rhythm, and then I had them pick up their sticks and try hitting their sticks together. (You could also have them tap the floor...either works!) I had them put their sticks on the floor again, but then after every time Max made music, they picked their sticks up and said the text while tapping the sticks to the rhythm of the text.

This was a great way to prepare/ practice rhythm, and it's also a great way to discuss music with found sounds, or making music with things we find. It could also be a great transition into a Stomp video!

That's it for today...just a quick and easy idea to try out with your students! If you are a teacher blogger and would like to link up, here are the directions:
  • Save the "Worked for me Wednesday" graphic to your computer, and include it in your blog with a link to this blog entry.
  • Blog about an idea that you tried recently that worked in your classroom.
  • Submit your information by clicking on the button below. 
I look forward to reading the ideas!


  1. I love the book "Max Found Two Sticks". Glad to have another idea for using it!

  2. I love this idea for adding the rhythm sticks to the story while preparing/practicing rhythm. I always love more ideas to add more "meat" to reading stories. There are so many great books out there to use in the music room - I can't wait to try it out. Thank you for this fun linky party, Aileen! I joined in a little late tonight, but I've had so much fun reading everyone's Worked for me Wednesday posts so far!