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Third grade favorite folk song

Today I am continuing my Week of Thanks and Giving!

Just search "weekofthanks" for the goodies, which includes a Christmas rhythm flashcard freebie, my Christmas Around the World set for 30% off, my "Build a Christmas tree" set for la for $1, and now my third grade favorite folk song! 

I also learned "I got a letter" from Bruce Swank when I did my Level II at Capital University. It's one of my favorites for low la!

Here is the notation so that it is easier to read!

Here are the game directions:
Choose four students, each to hide one letter. On each letter/ envelope, write the letters A, B, C, and D (one per envelope.) Then, have the rest of the class close their eyes while those four children hide the letters somewhere in the room. You can request that a little bit of the letter is showing, wherever they hide it (I write a small letter A, B, C, and D on each respective envelope so they know to show one of the small letters.) Then, those four students sit down, and the rest of the class sings the song twice as they look for the letters. If a child finds a letter, he/she goes to the front of the class with the letter. After two times through the song, if all four letters haven't been found, you can ask the children who hid those letters to show the rest of the class where those letters are. The game continues with the students who found the letters hiding them.

First of all, the students love this because it's such a fun game! They love to hide things! Second, it's a pretty melody. And lastly, it's great for syncopa, for low la, AND for whole note! So versatile!

Remember to enter my giveaway by visiting this blog post, and come back tomorrow for my favorite fourth grade folk song!


  1. Interesting game- and great to get the kids up and moving! I use Funga Alafia with 3rd grade to introduce syncopa and ostinato.

  2. I think our curriculum runs slower than everyone else's. I use Rocky Mountain in 3rd grade for re. I also love putting Orff instruments and a dance to this song.

  3. Hiding things is the best :-) I like to play Closet Key--when the kids get closer to the key, we sing louder---farther away, quieter. It's a fun way to talk about crescendo/decrescendo.

  4. I like "Hill and Gully Rider" for syncopa. I like this new song as well. Thank you!

  5. Our district curriculum is behind several others with a strong focus on 'Re' work, dotted half note, whole note/rest, etc. in 3rd grade. My students can't seem to get enough of "Let Us Chase the Squirrel"!

  6. The minor version of I See the Moon is a 3rd grade favorite. I learned it from Leigh Ann Mock Gardner. It's a lovely low la song. Students latch on to the melody quickly and it makes a lovely canon with hand chimes.