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First grade favorite folk song

Today I am continuing my Week of Thanks and Giving!

Just search "weekofthanks" for the goodies, which includes a free font you can use for personal or commercial purposes, my "Thanksgiving Patterns" for re newly released for 30% off, my "Build a Turkey" for low sol for only $1, and now my first grade favorite folk song!

I learned about Mrs. Macaroni from a student of mine when I taught at Colorado State:

Here is the notation so that it is easier to read!

This is one of those songs that I thought kids would enjoy, but no, they LOVE IT!!! I don't know if it's because it's a fun tune, or because they get to sing about their wedding, or because they sing their name, but they absolutely adore this song. It's also a great way to teach how to swing partners (they often want to face the same way, which of course, doesn't work.) 

It's also great for ta and ti-ti...I love that the patterns in the song are not your typical patterns. There aren't too many songs that have 4 ti-ti's in a row or even better, ta ta ti-ti ti-ti. It's great for kids to hear unusual patterns so they can transfer their knowledge from familiar and common patterns to unfamiliar and uncommon.

Remember to enter my giveaway by visiting this blog post, and come back tomorrow for my favorite second grade folk song!


  1. Yes! I've been looking for fun songs for my 1st graders to be moving more (bigger classes this year). I LOVE using Punchinella in both 1st and 2nd grade- encourages self expression and it's just a fun game overall.

  2. This is new to me! Yay! One that my students really like is "Bow, Wow, Wow"". I teach the game as individual motions first and then transfer it to a circle game. They are always amazed when they finish the last movements at the end of the song and realize that they now have a new partner!

  3. Bee Bee Bumblebee with my bee puppet.

  4. Naughty Kitty Cat! We do the 'Bow Wow Wow' dance with it--adding 'Scat!" on the last rest--we jump and turn on the word 'Scat'! LOTS of giggles!!!

  5. This is a new song for me! Can't wait to teach it to my Grade Ones! Thank you!

  6. I love Just From the Kitchen (http://kodaly.hnu.edu/song.cfm?id=628) The kids love the simple "fly away" game and they leave the music room still singing "shoo-li-loo" in the hallway. I love those songs that stick with them!

  7. My 1st years continue to ask if we can do Apple Tree singing game and Bee Bee Bumblebee chant/game from your 1st Grade Lessons Semester 1.