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Fifth Grade Favorite Folk Song...and Giveaway Winners!

Today is my last day in my Week of Thanks and Giving!

Just search "weekofthanks" for the goodies, which includes a music quote freebie, my Christmas post office set for 30% off, my fifth grade concept plan starter pack for $1, and now my fifth grade favorite folk song! 

My favorite all-time folk song for fifth grade is "Ye Toop Doram," but I already blogged about that song here, so I'll write instead about "Chairs to mend."

Here is the notation so that it is easier to read!

There is no game for this--that I know of--it is just a really beautiful song! I love to use it for fa, for tam-ti, and for partwork, as it works well as a 4-beat round. It is a song about people selling their wares on the street, so I like to have discussions with students about where else they've seen that (in big cities, at baseball games, etc.) I think it would be a great connection to the song "Who will buy" from the musical "Oliver"!

And now I'm really excited to announce my giveaway winners!

The winner of the $50 gift card to TpT is (drumroll, please)....Tina Jones!!!

The winner of the $25 credit to my store is....Kim Letellier!

The winner of my singalong set is...Christy Gibson!

Ladies, I will send you all an email soon. Thank you SOOO much to everyone who participated in the Week of Thanks and Giving. I really appreciate all of your support. Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


  1. O.....................M..........................G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just popped on and as I was reading your blog I shouted "WHAT!!!!!?!?!?!?!?" And had to re-read!!! Get out of town! I can't believe it!!! I am SO excited, Aileen! Thank you SO, SO, SO much for this fun week of so many treats!!! I've really enjoyed reading your blog every night about your favorite songs for each grade level! I am so thankful for this "week of thanks and giving!" (And lol, can't wait to go shopping on TpT!!! This couldn't have come at a better time after such a long week and sitting in awful traffic tonight! Now I'm beaming!!!) Sincerely, a huge FAN of all things "Miracle-made!"...and gratefully, Tina :)

    1. Thank YOU!!!! I love your energy, enthusiasm, AND your products! Have a wonderful week!! :)

  2. So grateful for all you share on your blog and in your store. Thank you for a wonderful week of ideas and products!

  3. It's late on Sunday night and I just came back to the blog to catch up on the final day. My week got away from me. SOOOOO excited! Thank you, Aileen! I just put your nutcracker file on my wish list and now I can get it! I'm thrilled! Thanks also for all you share with us here on the blog and on TpT. You inspire so many! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!