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July Music Education Blog Carnival

A music education blog carnival is a monthly post that links to several new music education blog posts across the web. July's edition features a sampling of blog posts published in June 2014.

Music education blog carnival, July 2015: Includes posts about lesson planning, Orff instrument cleaning, and more!

Rethinking Music Performance Anxiety from Justine Dolorfino (@justine_robin): Justine offers four strategies for helping you and your students with music performance anxiety, and explains how stress can actually be good for a performance. Justine's helpful blog post also includes links to other relevant articles and books.

Bloom's in Music Rooms from David Row at Make Moments Matter (@makemomentsmatt): Want to showcase your students' learning and how it aligns with Bloom's Taxonomy? David's post includes a free download to posters for your music room.

How to Connect Teaching in Isolation from Jennifer at the Yellow Brick Road (@theylbrickroad): This humorous post has five strategies for what to do if you feel like as a music teacher, you are on an island, all alone (which I'm sure many of us can relate to!)

Cross-Curricular by Any Other Name by Karen Stafford (@kstaff1): This thoughtful post delves into how we as music teachers can integrate other subjects as well as the common core into our daily music lessons, and reflects on what cross-curricular integration should look like, both from the music teacher's perspective and the classroom teacher's perspective.

How to Teach a Song Without Teaching the Song by Jennifer Chobotiuk (@musicmom99): In this blog post, Jennifer explains how to teach and rehearse a song with your students using common apps and programs, if, due to scheduling conflicts, you cannot see them in person. 

End of the Year Orff Instrument Cleaning by Amy Martin (@amy_martin101): Not sure how to clean out  your Orff instruments at the end of the year? Amy's helpful post details how to clean while getting students involved with the process!

Splitting by Gender in Middle School by Dale Duncan (@inthemiddlewith): If you teach middle school choir, this is a very informative post about how and why to split your seventh grade choir by gender. Dale also includes videos of his choirs sight singing at competition.

Perfect Poolside Planning by Lindsay Jervis (@KodalyClassroom): Wanting to plan ahead for next school year by sitting by the pool? Lindsay's post focuses on creating long-range year plans for the next school year, and includes a freebie as well as links to many other bloggers who also wrote about planning. A post by Erin Kuchta (@ekuchta) with the same name was part of Lindsay's blog hop; her post focuses on creating and planning grade-level units, such as a Peter and the Wolf unit for first grade or Carnival of the Animals for second grade. 

Dazzling Discipline by Amy Abbott (@amyabbott75) offers five strategies for dazzling discipline, including using smooth transitions and providing instruction for all types of learners. Amy's post links up with several other bloggers who also offer discipline strategies!

Symbaloo by Christine Skog (@msmusic4life88) shows how to use Symbaloo, a free website, to set up links and webmixes for your music students. She also explains how her school set up Symbaloo as a school-wide system in which students can access links by teacher.

My Unbelievably Lucky and Amazing Trip to Oz by Eugene Cantera (@dlpmusicbooks) explains how through the beauty of Twitter and blogging, the author--a music teacher--was able to travel to Australia to teach and perform at an all-girls school. Very interesting read!

Music Workstations: Getting Organized by Tracy King (@tracyking): This informative blog post details how to set up workstations, or learning centers, in your classroom, and includes a sample classroom map as well as ideas on organizing your workstations.

Learning Centers in the Music Classroom by Aileen Miracle (@aileenmiracle) also discusses learning centers, answering questions such as where, when, why, what, and how to use learning centers in your music classroom, allowing time for intervention, assessment, and student-centered learning.

If you would like to host a future edition of the music education blog carnival, sign up today! Justine is still looking for hosts for January and onward.
The next edition of the music education blog carnival will be hosted by Jennifer Chobotiuk on August 5. Last month's blog carnival can be read here. Happy reading!

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