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Five for Friday

Since today is Friday (and since I'm sitting in a room, by myself, at a convent, in Chicago!) I thought I'd link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

Here are five random things about my week!

So yes, I am sitting alone in a convent, since I am teaching Kodaly Level I at DePaul in Chicago and am here for the weekend. Usually, I go home on the weekend, but today my mother-in-law took my youngest home with her (she's been taking care of her during the day while my husband is at work), and we decided a 7-hour drive home and then back here was maybe not the best use of time.

But I miss them. :(

I was able to hear Macy say her newest word ("uh-oh") over Skype, but of course, it's not quite the same!

As I said, I've been teaching Kodaly Level I this week. It has been a great class full of passionate teachers and wonderful discussions! It makes me wish I could always be around that many music teachers who just want to do the best they can. We are often on an island, alone! (This comic made me giggle!)

I had to laugh tonight when my friend Tina posted this link on my Facebook wall, because she probably has seen how messy my desktop background is!

After reading these easy instructions, my desktop background went from this:

...to this:

You'd think the ocean would be more calming, but it's not...this second one makes me feel WAY more organized and calm!

Recently, I participated in my first ever music education carnival, which you can read about here. The idea of the carnival is that a blog post is written about several different music education blog posts in the last month, so that music educators can check out all the great blogs out there! I am hosting the next music education carnival, which I'll post July 1. If you are a blogger, all you have to do to participate is send me a link to a blog post you wrote this month that you'd like featured; you can even just add your link in the comments below!

Totally not teaching-related, but my husband just told me that with Amazon Prime I could watch some shows for free. How did I miss that? Since I'm sitting at a convent with nothing to do, maybe I should get into "Downton Abbey"!

Tomorrow I'm off to lunch, the Wendella boat, Navy Pier, and dinner with friends, but maybe I'll fit in an episode tonight or Sunday!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for the heads up about the "carnival". I have never heard of it before, but I'd love to join for the next one!

  2. Your comment about being on an island, reminded me of a post I wrote, about feeling isolated as a music teacher. I would love for it to be featured in the blog carnival:


    Also, my husband and I are fans of Downton Abbey. It's definitely addicting!

  3. LOVE AMAZON PRIME!!! Okay...I totally joined for the free two day shipping. I make my membership money back three or four times using that. (I live in the woods. Well..in a small town that is like living in the woods! LOL) The video service is great too!

    I'll participate in the carnival, but can I like you to my article in a few days? Gotta catch my breath after this weekend. :-)

    1. Sounds great, Tracy! Thanks so much!
      And my husband just ordered an Amazon Fire player so I'm excited! :)