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Five for Friday

Hi everyone!
Since it's Friday, it's time for Five for Friday!

This linky party is to post about five random things...so here goes!

#1: Music Teacher T-shirt
Today was the last day of school! Hard to believe! This year we started a week earlier, which was a bit rough at the beginning of the year, but it's nice to end early. I ordered this T-shirt and was hoping to get it in time for the last day, but no luck...but I look forward to wearing it next year!

Click on the picture to view the T-shirt and buy it!

#2: You Tube video about GarageBand
Yesterday at school my staff performed a rendition of "Happy" about reading and writing. My daughter Jenna actually helped me write the lyrics, and then the staff and I collaborated about how we would perform it. My colleagues asked me to record a version of the karaoke track with my vocals on top (with the changed lyrics), so I was happy to find this You Tube video about how to drag and drop music files into GarageBand.

#3: Reminder freebie
I had to send home reminder slips at the beginning of this week, to remind my fourth graders to bring their recorders to music class. I posted a freebie on TpT that has a editable template for when you need to send home reminder slips. Hope you can use it!

#4: Organizational Bins
As I clean up my room this year, I am SO happy I have these bins! The first picture is of the containers I use for rhythmic and melodic elements, and the second picture is of my grade-level containers. You can read more about these here.

#5: 1,200 Follower Giveaway
I am so excited that I am now over 1,200 followers on TpT! I would love to do a giveaway but want your input first...what would you like me to give away? Comment below with ideas, and then I will blog about the giveaway soon!

Have a great weekend!

1 comment

  1. Congrats on 1,200 followers! I know I would love to have any of your data tracking sets, but especially K or 1st grade!

    I hope your teachers had fun with "Happy"! Our staff did something similar and the students loved it!