Four things I'm doing in my music room...and a linky party! |

Four things I'm doing in my music room...and a linky party!

As I was browsing Pinterest the other day, I was very excited to find the "Stay Tuned" music teacher blog, and even more excited that she was hosting a linky party. I've always wanted to try it out, so here goes!

The idea is that other music teachers would blog about 2-4 things we are doing in our music room (hence the name 2/4 Tuesday) and then we'd link up to each other through our blogs.

Well, you've probably noticed it's actually Wednesday, and I was a little late getting around to this! I am not officially linked up to the party, but you can check out the Stay Tuned music blog and the five other blogs participating in the linky party by clicking on the picture below:

So here we go...four things I'm doing in my music room this week:

1. The "Chimes of Dunkirk" dance: If you are not familiar with the "Chimes of Dunkirk" series, it is so worth the money. You can purchase it by clicking the link below:

There are many great folk dances in the book, but the one I'm doing this week with my third graders has the same name as the book. I didn't have them last year in second grade, so we are reviewing quarter rest, and the clap clap clap (rest)/ stamp stamp stamp (rest) movement in the dance is a great physical way to practice quarter rest!

2. Speaking of quarter rest, my third graders also have been practicing reading rhythm patterns. I was brainstorming fun activities for them, and realized I had one in my TpT store that I should use! It is called "Unlock the Key Pattern," and is a powerpoint embedded with sound. Click the audio icon, and it will play a pattern, and then students have to choose which pattern is correct. It's a great way to assess how well they can identify rhythmic patterns. You can purchase it by clicking the picture below.

3. My fourth and fifth graders have been working on the cup game with "I've been to Haarlem" (you can get that activity and song for free here), and many of them know the song "Cups" by Anna Kendrick, from "Pitch Perfect." I wanted them to connect what they learned in music class with what they've heard on the radio, but I needed an edited version (that dang second line had to get in the way!) so I found this version by Cimorelli:

My kids had fun doing the cup game with the group, and it was a great way to connect their real life experiences to the music room!

4. Lastly, I read a book to my first graders today called "Scoot," by Cathryn Falwell. After reading the book, we discussed all the different ways the animals moved (like swinging, scooting, gliding, etc.) and then we tried all that movement around the room. In the next lesson, they will brainstorm other movement words, and then try moving around like that to a piece of music. I'm thinking Eric Chapelle's "Potpourri," which I'll post more about later! You can purchase the book by clicking on the picture below.

Thank you to the Stay Tuned teacher for hosting the linky party! Next time I will do this in a more timely fashion! :)


  1. Great ideas Aileen! I am so excited about your blog! I absolutely love the layout, your header and your wonderful ideas. I am pumped to follow you and so glad I found your blog thanks to your participation in our 2/4 Tuesday Linky Party!

  2. Thanks Steph! I just got a new layout so I appreciate your feedback. Thanks so much for the linky party...very excited!

  3. So happy that you and your students were inspired to move with SCOOT!
    Happy Reading and Happy Music Making!

    Cathryn Falwell

  4. I love all of the Amidon's materials! I got to see them two years ago at KMEA!

  5. Cathryn,
    Oh my goodness, what an honor to have you visit my site! My kids have really been enjoying your book...thank you so much!