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My favorite resources

Many of you, like me, will soon be turning in your purchase orders for next year. You'll be perusing catalogs and websites for the resource you just have to have for next I thought I'd put a list together of my favorite resources. These have all been very helpful to me; I hope they are all just as helpful to you!

"An American Methodology" by Ann Eisen and Lamar Robertson: When I first began my Kodaly training, this book was so very helpful to me! Lots of wonderful folk songs and art songs, as well as physical, visual, and aural activities to use with your PPP's/ concept plans. This, for me, was a must-have in my first few years of teaching!

Jill Trinka's books are full of wonderful folk songs, interesting song history, and fun recordings of each song. Each book also includes an index listing songs by concepts, form, etc. These are GREAT books, especially for those just getting their feet wet with teaching and/or Kodaly-inspired teaching.

John Feierabend's "Pitch Exploration Stories" and "Pitch Exploration Stories" are full of fun, colorful visuals for vocal exploration. 

"Educating Young singers" by Mary Goetze, Angela Broeker, and Ruth Boshkoff...I cannot recommend this resource highly enough. This book has literally transformed my choir. If you are an instrumentalist, like me, looking for wonderful strategies for your elementary choir, or if you are a vocalist just looking for more ways to improve your choir's sound, you must get this book! I love the book so much I wrote an entire blog entry about it. :) You can read it here:

I found this book when searching for songs for my musical "The Drums of Noto Hanto" (which I based off the picture book.) I bought it thinking I might find a couple new songs I could use, and ended up loving it! "Stew Pot" is a gem, and "Shojoji" is one of those songs you're not sure the kids will like...and they end up LOVING. Last year, I did lunch duty with my 4th graders, and would hear the song "Shojoji" sung quietly and beautifully as they sat eating their lunch. West Music also has books for "Games Children Sing" for China, India, and Malaysia.

If you love singing rounds with your students as much as I do, this one is a must! 

As a rule, if you see a resource by Susan Brumfield, buy it! She is an excellent pedagogue. I've seen her in action several times and am never disappointed! This book in particular really helped me with a program I created revolving around Scottish and English music. The music is so fun, and like Trinka's resources, comes with interesting folk song notes and recordings.

If you have a SMART board, I highly recommend any of the CD's in this series. Lots of wonderful resources for practicing various concepts!

I could probably go on and on, but will stop there! :) I'm about to head out to Hartford, CT for the OAKE conference, and I'm sure I'll find many more resources while I'm there (I just have to stop myself from buying too much!)

And don't forget, as you put together your purchase orders for next year, that you can write purchase orders for any items on Teachers Pay Teachers. To go to my store, click on this link: (or click on the widget on the right.)

I may not be able to do the Friday freebie this week, as I will be in Hartford. I'll write afterwards all about the conference! Hope to see some of you there. :)


  1. Great suggestions! I really love the InteractiveNow CDs. I have discs 1-4. The kids just love the chance to go up and move the icons around on the board. I need to check out the vocal exploration cards. I have been eyeing them for a while.

    Incidentally, I attended your workshop this past weekend and thought it was fantastic. I can't wait to return to school and try out some learning centers with my kids.

  2. Thank you so much! Let me know how it goes. :)